Writing and revising your novel can feel a bit like trying to climb a mountain. By the time you finish the first draft, you may look up and realize you’re still in the foothills. To have any hope of reaching the top, you’ll need someone to prepare you with the right tools, guide your footsteps, and fix things that go wrong. On a mountain, this means hiring a guide to the territory and who has the experience to ensure your success.

MK’s experienced professional editors and writers can be your full-service guides on your publishing adventure. Our Writing Services aim to help you bring your ideas to life, while our Editing Services will take you the rest of the way with developmental reviews, copy edits, and coaching assistance.


We bring ideas to life... 
Make dreams a reality...
All within your budget.


Writing Services

There’s a story inside your head you’ve always wanted to see as a book but you just aren’t confident in your writing ability, or you don’t have time to write with your busy schedule. Have you always wanted to share your particular knowledge or have mini-books you could use to advertise your business? Let us write your book and save yourself the time and headache of drafting a manuscript!


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Developmental Editing

Development editing is concerned with the overall structure of the manuscript. Our talented editors will look for plot holes, pacing problems, continuity errors, and storytelling pitfalls. 
Your editor will make sure there are no plot holes; fix pacing, voicing, and flow; correct any issues with character, scene, and world development; and remove fluff. They will focus on the big-picture items that give good organization and structure. This edit will not include grammar or syntax changes, only substantive changes. This one helps you get your story in order and intact.

Beta Reading

Our services are aimed to be affordable and give your unreleased work feedback from the point of view of an average reader. We provide advice and comments in the opinions of your target audience. If you require feedback to fix remaining issues with plot, pacing, and consistency, we're here to help.

If you're not sure where to start with editing services, we recommend our Beta Reading Service. One of our skilled editors will read your manuscript and provide feedback, including recommendations for the type of editing (copy, line, and/or development) from which your manuscript would most benefit.

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